LYFE Board

LYFEOur Leading Youth for Empowerment (LYFE) Board is our youth leadership board.  It is made up of young people who still are or have been in foster care in Forsyth County.  This group gathers regularly to address issues that are directly impacting young people connected to foster care and it is here that the members of the LYFE Board begin the process of being agents of change.

A key piece of YIT is to not only give young people opportunities for a successful transition to adulthood but to equip them for that transition.  A regular part of the work our staff and others do with the LYFE Board is to equip them in a variety of areas like: leadership, communication, conflict resolution, planning, and independent living.

The LYFE Board is also given $10,000 each year.  The Board gets to choose where to invest this money in the community.  This is an area our LYFE Board will be exploring in the coming year.  Typically this money is invested in organizations and causes that assist young people in need.