What We Do

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The Youth in Transition Initiative works to improve outcomes for these young adults in the areas of permanence in the community, education, employment, housing, physical and mental health, financial capability, and social capital.

In order to improve these outcomes, YIT works to create the following conditions:

  • Young people are decision makers and advocates for themselves and others.
  • Partners in public and private systems provide the necessary resources and support.
  • Stakeholders use data to drive decision making, communications, and the documentation of results.
  • Public will is galvanized by the need to improve outcomes, and policy is focused on the reforms necessary to improve outcomes.
  • Young people have access to an array of opportunities to support them.

For each of these areas, we work to know what the real needs are for these young people and compare it to what is already in place in the community to meet those needs.  We then work to match up needs with resources and work to fix any gaps that appear.  In each step, young people have a real voice in this process, we work to help them be initiators of their own change.

Our Process

By partnering with Forsyth County Department of Social Service (DSS), we continually work to create a more seamless experience and process for any young who is in foster care as a teenager or for alumni up until their 26th birthday.

Every young person is given the opportunity to work through a variety of assessments: independent living, well being, and career interest.  These assessments allow the young adult to know themselves better to be better equipped to answer the questions, “What do you want to do?” and “Where do you want to go?”

Young adults go through the RENEW process.  RENEW is a youth-directed planning and support process.

Each participant then creates a plan laying out goals, steps to achieve those goals, and resources, people or programs, that can support them in achieving these goals.

Staff regularly check in with individuals to update, revise and celebrated accomplishments around the young adult’s goals.

These goals are structured around the seven outcomes we are working to improve for all the young people: permanence, housing, education, employment, physical/mental health, financial capability, and social capital.




    Good Morning ~
    I have a question about who can quality for assistance from Youth in Transition….

    A young lady will be turning age 18 on November 18, 2013 . She is presently in a North Carolina Youth Development Center and will be released on her birth date, 11/18/2013.

    She has no family to be released to and is in desperate need of assists – mentoring, direction, training – a place to go when released.
    I am not sure if she was in foster care before being placed at the YDC, but I can find out (assume she was).

    Does she need to be / have to have been a Winston Salem resident?
    Could your program assist her in any way , would she be able to participant in any of your services ?

    thank you…
    Mary Fagan

  • Nichelle Carroll


    I am the Parent Involvement Coordinator at Main Street Academy. I am inquiring in reference to having someone come and speak to our parents and students regarding advocacy. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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