How You Can Help

Youth aging out of foster care find many closed doors. Be a community partner by simply providing advice, offering a service or giving a financial gift—you can change a life by opening a door.

door opener

Join YIT to ensure young adults gain the support and life skills necessary for a successful transition from foster care to adulthood.

Which door can you open?

  • Housing – assist with rental agreements and/or insurance; provide funds for deposits and/or furnishings
  • Transportation – lend a hand with vehicle maintenance and/or repair; purchase vouchers for bus or cab fare, as well as access to transportation for work or school.
  • Health care – help obtain insurance; provide funds for medical costs not covered by insurance like checkups, medical supplies and prescriptions. Or if you are a medical provider, to be willing to be a resource to help answer questions for the young adults.
  • Education – advise on college selection; help complete financial aid applications; provide funds for tuition, books and/or testing fees.
  • Employment – give tips on resume writing, interview skills and/or good work habits; offer internships or full/part-time jobs, job shadowing; provide funds for licensing fees and/or work attire.
  • Daily living – offer discounts for food at restaurants or grocery stores; give direction on financial investments; offer legal advice; provide funds for a computer, internet and/or phone.

Become a community partner today. Sound relationships and financial security do not come easy. For a young person aging out of foster care, their safety net simply disappears.  For a list of even more ways you can open a door, read through this: Permanency Pact.




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