Foster Care Bill of Rights for North Carolina!

foster-youth-bill-of-rights-2013-v02-mq-stop-1Governor McCrory signed into law the Foster Care Bill of Rights!  A great step to caring for the young people placed in foster care.  Here are the rights now afforded to any child in foster care:

  1. A safe foster home free of violence, abuse, neglect, and danger.
  2. First priority regarding placement in a home with siblings.
  3. The ability to communicate with the assigned social worker or casae worker overseeing the child’s case and have calls made to the social worker or case worker returned within a reasonable period of time.
  4. Allowing the child to remain enrolled in the school the child attended before being placed in foster care, if t all possible.
  5. Having a social worker, when a child is removed from the home, to immediately begin conducting an investigation to identify and locate all grandparents, adult siblings, and other adult relatives of the child to provide those persons with specific information and explanation of various options to participate in placement of a child.
  6. Participation in school extracurricular activities, community events, and religious practices.
  7. Communication with the biological parents if the child placed in foster care receives any immunizations and whether any additional immunizations are needed if the child will be transitioning back into a home with his or her biological parents.
  8. Establishing and having access to a bank or savings account in accordance with State laws and federal regulations.
  9. Obtaining identification and permanent documents, including a birth certificate, social security card, and health records by the age of 16, to the extent allowed by federal and State law.
  10. The use of appropriate communication measures to maintain contact with siblings if the child placed in foster care is separated from his or her siblings.
  11. Meaningful participation in a transition plan for those phasing out of foster care, including participation in family team, treatment team, court, and school meetings.