A local hero!

[caption id="attachment_359" align="alignleft" width="300"] Betsy Annese / Photo cred: J. Sinclair photo[/caption] Article reprinted from JournalNow.com By Judy Marie Willis When Betsy Annese first heard about Youth in Transition (YIT) in 2011, she was profoundly moved. Her firm, Annese Public Relations, Inc., had managed communications for some of the nation’s most distinguished brands. If she

One Campaign

  Young people leaving foster care need others to help make the leap to adulthood.  Will you be one? This small investment  can pay a huge dividend in their life.  We'll provide the training and detailed assessment which gives skill plans and transition plans tailored to the individual's needs.  Put simply, it

Open a Door!

Get involved in the lives of people.  Open a door, change a life! One of the key challenges young people who have aged out of foster care face is to navigate life on their own.  They typically do not have a support network of people in their lives to help them get through